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    Design Trends 2021

    2020 has been a very dramatic year, while business and individuals have to adapt quicker than ever before, technology and trends have to reflect the needs of the customer and fight their respective corner. And given the challenging shape of 2020, the design trends of 2021 will offer us the biggest breath of fresh air yet! Expect to see the ripple effect of these design trends to create compelling and engaging branding for brands and business owners alike

    2020 will be the year of:

    1. 3D Design – 3D design is getting way too cool. It is full of possibilities, thanks to technological advancements and rise of augmented reality and virtual reality, designers can create 3D masterpieces that showcase new dimensions and environments with incredibly lifelike, hyper- real visuals that will take the centre stage to interest and engage the viewer, holding their attention and vitally affect your bounce rate.

    2. Emoji Design – We have seen emojis evolve with grace, they have been a visual vocabulary, allowing us to express emotions in a clear and concise way. We are very excited that these pictograms are going to make their way into your designs. The use of Emojis creates a reaction and a response, they lighten the mood (and we all need that) and they communicate the underlying feelings. We cannot wait to see the different styles and ways they will be incorporated into the designs. 

    3. Geometric Shapes Design – They are easily recognisable due to their patterns and elements. However, the geometric web design trend has evolved to produce imaginative combinations. it’s just a cool and noticeable way of depicting images. They will now skew towards the use of 3D geometric shapes (depth, shadow, floating objects and gradient effects) and simple geometric shapes in Design (Basic shapes (polygons, diamonds, rectangles, triangles, and the occasional rhombus) that are abstract and confident. 

    4. Voxel Art Design – They look like lego blocks. It is basically a 3D cube which you may recognise from Minecraft. They look quite fashionable and we are predicting the use of shapes to form art. It’s highly visual has a retro appeal yet it is incredibly modern. This one we have to watch out for being a major player with endless possibilities. It’s dynamic, impressive, and very memorable. 

    5. Colourless / Black & White Design – 2021 will bring a whole new meaning to the term colourful minimalism. The designers will be talking only black and white and pairing everything down in the design to achieve this minimalistic look. It’s almost magical and charming but not dull and boring, believe us it is very cool and super effective.

    These design trends of 2021 are here for you to see, get inspired or lead you on in the right direction. You can argue about it, dismiss it completely or let it spark your mojo, we will leave it up to you.