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    What’s the most human thing about us humans? Our stories! You, us, the one next to you, the one next to her, the struggler, the achiever – we all have stories.


    But there are a few stories that stand out because we refused to stay still. We’re continuously learning. Changing. Impacting. Evolving. Creating ripples by setting motion into what’s frozen. And that’s what we’re set out to do, today, tomorrow and every day for the rest of our lives – create ripples!


    From product innovation to performance marketing, we believe in creating world-class work that moves brands and their stories forward – orchestrating music amidst the cacophony. Through rigorous creative strategy that has clear, measurable objectives and is rooted in Brand Purpose, we realise our ambition to add value to people’s lives through motion stories.


    We want to be the go-to digital marketing one-stop-shop for people and brands that are purpose driven, are constantly challenging the status quo, are pushing the envelope further, and are interested in exploring the world of creative storytelling beyond the world of static communication.


    We come to work everyday to create stories that add value to people’s lives. By crafting communication that talks to people’s emotions we partner with brands to bring ideas to life at a scale.


    Result driven approach is our recipe for success. We partner with brands to understand their goals and work out the right kind of exploratory and reporting metrics that can be measured for better marketing management.