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    01 What size of businesses do you work with?

    Whether you’re a fledgling startup, an MSME or a large organisation, B2B or B2C, we are equipped to cater to businesses of every size and type. Whether you’re looking to reach your local audience or looking to launch a new product in numerous markets, we house digital marketing experts who can make your campaigns a success.

    02 Do you prefer working only with brands in certain industries?

    We’re industry agnostic. Meaning, we’re as comfortable working with an F&B brand as we’re with a renewable energy generating equipment manufacturing company. We understand the core business problem that the client looks to solve and apply marketing principles to achieve the objectives.

    03 Would my business benefit from digital marketing?

    Digital marketing allows an easy and low cost mechanism for businesses & brands to reach out to their potential customers. Lead generation is an important aspect for every business and digital marketing allows access to the kind of advertising network formats specifically designed to collect leads.

    04 What sets you apart from other agencies?

    When we take on a digital marketing project for a client, we invest ourselves in their digital presence. Every brand is a unique opportunity to put our knowledge and skills to test. We invest sufficient time to research each brand we represent to understand their purpose, ethos, differentiating factors, competitors, and who their core audience is. We then identify the most ideal methods of communicating with that audience through various digital media including but not limited to social media. This helps us drive the desired level of engagement for the brand and deliver the highest possible conversion for their campaigns.

    05 Is social media an absolute necessity?

    Social media is an important aspect of digital marketing that enables brands to create tribes of loyal and interested customers. It is the easiest medium to initiate an interaction between the brand and the customer. Many of such interactions collectively help potential customers have an opinion about the brand which brings validation that eventually converts into sales.

    Should social media be done exclusively by the digital marketing agency?
    It is always advised to let the digital marketing agencies handle the social media activities because that ensures timely and disciplined execution of digital marketing strategies. Since it is the agency that strategizes and creates the marketing assets, having them execute them social media relieves the brand of the overhead and make the process that much more efficient.

    06 How long does it take to see results?

    The results vary from medium to medium. Paid digital marketing including sponsored posts and ads on social media create results immediately. On the other hand, mediums like database building via email marketing, content marketing and search engine optimization requires patience and persistence. It usually takes about 6-8 months before you start seeing conversions happening.

    07 What’s involved in creating a content marketing strategy?

    A content marketing strategy is a roadmap for building the right audience for your brand. It includes elements like establishing objectives, creating audience personas, value propositions, mission statements, consumer journey map, and plans for creating, promoting and analysing assets and their performance.

    08 Do you help in 3D modeling if we just have an idea but no prototype?

    We welcome clients even at an idea stage. The process therefore gives us more room to explore different avenues and possibilities. We’ve worked with such clients in manufacturing and F&B industries where we’ve designed everything for them right from scratch.